About C-Time

Why C-Time, you ask? It’s a long story that began before we were born, but I’ll just start with my first really strong memory of Chris and Carmen.

In the spring of 1986, a young, shy boy took me to his school dance. I knew him from church and as my cousin’s best friend. His parents and grandparents were friends with mine, so when he needed a date, I couldn’t say no. But, I wasn’t very nice, choosing to hang out with other friends, instead of him. Afterwards, we were always in the periphery of each other’s lives, seeing each other at school sporting events or outings with extended family. Life carried on, as it always does. We both married, started families, and began careers. Meanwhile, we continued to see each other at varying events. I sang at his aunt’s wedding. He came to a graduation party. He was a pallbearer at my cousin’s funeral. I visited his family after his grandmother died. Always circling each other’s lives, but never quite connecting.

Prom Picture

Our destined love story began in 2012 when two long-time friends, suffering from the agonies of failed marriages, began to simultaneously lick their wounds over a couple of drinks and usually the tailgate of a pick-up truck. The intent, at least on my part, was to have a fellow sufferer, with whom I could confide my terrors and anxieties, someone who could understand what I was going through, but also knew me well enough to see through a false tough exterior and recognize when I was hurting. Chris was that person, and a great friendship grew stronger, and eventually developed into a tender relationship of patience, respect, trust, and love. Our love story is made from the same stardust of lyrical poets, romance writers, and Hallmark movie-makers. Our story was a lifetime in the making, and a journey to forever.

I Do

Now, we have a fantastic partnership with mundane routines, shows we binge-watch together, and household projects. We do yard work and housework. We fuss over whose turn it is to let the dogs out, and who forgot to put a trash bag in the bin. But, oh the adventures we have had and continue to have. Our favorite thing to do is have C-Time, Chris and Carmen time, where we leave all of the to-do lists and life stressors behind and seek out fun, new places to visit, food to eat, or bucket list items to check off. We are so excited to share this journey with anyone who is a life-loving adventurer, and we can’t wait to hear from you!